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At this time the schedule link has been removed. This is to avoid conflict with other client’s regularly scheduled lessons. Please contact me directly for lesson scheduling.


Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t be ashamed to ask questions. Start here first and then see what else I can do for you.

All lessons on the range will begin under the blue pop-up tent with my name on it. On-the-course lessons will begin by meeting near the Dad Miller Pro Shop.
Lessons for new clients will typically include a breakdown of your current swing with video recordings. We will discuss the visual cues that are precursors to swing faults. I will break down why these visual cues identify and cause the problems you are having. Once the swing faults have been discussed the lesson will proceed with drills and the information necessary to improve any golf swing.
It is recommended that all golfers provide their own equipment. This equipment should include a golf glove for the hand the sits closest to you on the club, left hand glove for right handers and a right hand glove for left handers. You should also have a minimum of one iron such as a pitching wedge and up thru an 8 iron. Golf shoes are recommended.
Course lessons are usually in the afternoon with an less crowded golf course. These lessons can cover a large range of things including, but not limited to, course management, hitting multiple shots from various areas such as 120 yards from the green and chipping onto putting surfaces with corrective feedback.
You can pay in multiple ways. Cash, Check, Credit Card, Zelle and Venmo are all acceptable options for payment. Here are the following ways to use venmo or zelle
Venmo: Dylan-Brunt
Zelle: 5627458359


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