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5-Star Rated Coach at Dad Miller Golf Course

Since 2018 I have been giving clients the highest service I have been able to provide. My many reviews spread across years of service will help ensure you that lessons with me will always be the right move.

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Finding a golf coach can be hard. Golf is a wildly complicated sport with many intricacies. Having a coach that understands things beyond the swing, such as gear effect, impact dynamics, and biomechanics ensures that you will receive a proper, complete education. Come find out why I am the coach that can get you the results you want.

Start enjoying golf and playing better with lessons specific to you!

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Move the ball down the fairway in the most strategic way your swing will allow. Guaranteed better results just by knowing your own personal strengths and weaknesses.

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Learn proper positions that allow you to deliver the golf club in the best way possible.

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Positive Reviews From Clients

Dylan is a great instructor. I came to him as a beginner, with only about 4 weeks experience trying to figure out the game of golf by myself. Within minutes of instruction, my swing improved drastically. I took five lessons with him and can confidently say my game has improved significantly, largely due to his patience and how well he can explain difficult concepts. He has a drill for everything you may be struggling with and can easily describe the “feels” of the golf swing. I highly recommend his instruction if you are at any level in your golf career and am more than pleased with how far his instruction has helped me improve my game.

Christian B. Client

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