Kaizen Prep Tour 11/14 Results

What a tremendous turnout for the third tournament of the year!!!! In the advanced group it came down to a playoff hole. Due to dwindling light conditions and impending darkness, Justin Mai lost track of his golf ball and was forced to concede 1st place to Aiden Asari.

In the intermediate group, the ladies put up a fight! We had a tie with the gross score, however there was some confusion due to par ratings differing between men and women. While heading out for a tie breaker, Kate Montemayor was quick to remember the rules. Kate mentioned the par rating that was over looked by myself, Dylan. With time diminishing, I hastily finalized the scores leading to a few errors. I awarded Kate Montemayor with 1st place, Nolan Asari with 2nd place and Kaitlyn Camcam coming in 3rd the day of the event. While compiling all scoring data I have realized my mistake. Kaitlyn Camcam, subjected to the same par rating as Kate, has actually come in 2nd place with Aiden Asari finishing in 3rd. Tiger Tsai and Jackson Case closely on their heels in 4th place and rounding up the top five was Anthony Lucero.

For the final group, we have had a consistent showing of Daniel Joung, Adam Nejat-Bina, Ryden Yamamoto, Luke Heinen and Tensley Hoshijo. New additions to our final group were Faith Heinen, Desiree Firouz, Isabella Firouz and Landon Gros. I supervised the group of Daniel, Ryden, Adam and Landon. In this group there was plenty of excitement. Off the first tee Adam landed his drive closest to the first green and after leaving an iron just short he was able to finish with a bogey. Adam came out swinging again on the second hole having the longest drive! For the approach on the second hole Daniel Joung placed his shot just under the hole about 15 feet for an attempt at birdie. On hole three Adam again had the longest drive of the pairing. Adam then hit an amazing hybrid just front left of the green. Ryden had unfortunately lost his approach shot on hole 3 somewhere in the grass underneath the trees forcing him to take a drop. Ryden followed up with hitting his best drive on hole number 4. This led to Ryden tying Daniel with a 5 on that hole. Landon Gros staying persistent on each hole. Committed to each shot he choose to play Landon succumbed to a few swing flaws leaving him short on a few shots. With the help of his father, Landon choose to play a club on the 5th hole that he hit extremely well, right over the green. 😔 Landon stayed positive throughout the round and impressed the group with some great shots. Our second beginner group was also full of excitement with The parents getting consistently overly excited when their children hit some high quality shots.

Now, there was a very unique situation that happened on the 5th green. As we know, this is a very fun, laidback tournament. This is for players to compete but also receive help from coaches such as myself. Landon and I played rock paper scissors to see who would go first in a closest to the hole match on hole 5. Daniel, Ryden and Adam had already teed off. Landon won the showdown with playing rock as I choose scissors. Landon hit his shot left and long in relation to the flag and green. I then placed a shot 15 feet right of the flag even with the flag on the green. Now, this is where it got interesting. Adam was positioned to chip onto the green and I had not marked my ball. Adam hit his shot, rolling quickly across the green his shot hit into my shot. This caused Adam’s ball to abruptly stop in its path. This also caused my ball to move south a few feet. This was entirely my fault for being a part of the fun and I take full responsibility. This did not impact the results in any way. The following is how the official ruling would stand; Adam did not ask me to leave my ball in that position and I had not yet moved it. Adams ball gets to remain where it settled regardless of if it was better or worse. Had it been worse it was his fault for not asking me to mark it. It was a better position, not illegally planned for, and he was allowed to putt from where it settled. As for my ball, in a tournament I would place my ball closest to the spot in which it was moved from and continue as normal. This was such a wonderful learning opportunity for these boys that I am glad we had it happen. I cannot imagine how rare this is but it does happen. Most famously leading to a holes in one on the pga tour.